Digital Skills and Literacies

People, I came across this interesting text by Maha Bali, an associate professor at the American University in Cairo, Egypit, where she very clearly explains the differences between digital skills and digital literacies. What called my attention was that, by explaining both things, she also reinforces the role of a teacher in this day and age. According to Bali “teaching digital skills would include showing students how to download images from the Internet and insert them into PowerPoint slides or webpages. Digital literacy would focus on helping students choose appropriate images, recognize copyright licensing, and cite or get permissions, in addition to reminding students to use alternative text for images to support those with visual disabilities“.

Here is the link to this text Enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “Digital Skills and Literacies

  1. Nice article, Tico. Thanks for sharing!
    I loved the part where she says: “We can only begin to put the seeds of this critical literacy in our classes and hope students will transfer this beyond the classroom and into their increasingly digital identities and lives.” – I believe it has much to do with teaching students to profit from their digital skills and use digital tools to learn, not only to entertain. What do you think?

    ps. I’d love to hear your thoughts on social bookmarking – do you think it could be used in the classroom? How? How can social bookmarking help you?


    1. Hi there, dear Lilian!

      Thanks for dropping by. As a matter of fact, I have been using bookmarking to help me carry out activities in some of my classes. I have been using it to select various types of resources such as texts, videos and pictures scattered throughout the web and stock them in specific files related to the topic of the given classes, on diigo. You know what? It does come in handy =) . It’s been a lot easier to find those links and carry out the activities I had designed. It’s even more dynamic to share those links with my students. Now, I believe that the challenge is to have them make use of bookmarking with a view at their own production. As soon as I can come up with something, I’ll let you all know! =)



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