How social bookmarking has been helping me


I found this pic on a blog about bookmarking in school and with students ( and, for me, it translates quite well the sensation many of us might have when dealing with the amount of information available on the web.

In this context, bookmarking has played an interesting role as a tool to help me organize the activities I want to carry out with my students. For instance, if I want to explore a given topic with them through resources such as videos, texts or images, I can create an outliner and gather all the links to those resources and store them right there. This eliminates the need for opening several tabs or having to upload them on a flashdrive. Believe me! It’s that simple! Then, I just have to open the outliner before the class starts and get things ready. Plus, there’s also the alternative of sharing the outliner with the students or fellow teachers.

Tomorrow, A teacher (good friend of mine) and I are presenting a special class on Frank Sinatra’s life and music. Guess what? I did use bookmarking to help us with the whole research and to organize the links we want students to work on. I know it’s quite simple, but it does pay off.






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