Should students create digital content?



  • How important is it for students to create digital content?

In my career as a teacher, I’ve had several empiric opportunities to verify that the probability of learning taking place meaningfully is directly connected to the free access to  creativity and pleasure in the process. Many times, this is not a complex thing, but merely an opportunity for connections and associations to take part in learning.

That said, I believe that letting our students come up with their own digital content places no difference from when we find ourselves watching students go on by themselves, associating the topic we were supposed to cover in that class with things from their particular world. The sensation I have is that, when students do make use of their creativity and association, they kind of increase the chances of that knowledge being retained, as if the information was burnt on the brains. Therefore, I’m pretty convinced that we teachers must foster students’ digital content creation whenever possible.

  • What are some of the benefits of having students create digital content?

Students may feel quite confident to be part of the whole process. Plus, it gets to be more meaningful when they realize that knowledge their producing is applicable to their own reality. It’s like this: we want to work on pronunciation with them, highlighting the differences between American and British English. A student that is into music, for example, might be delighted by coming up with his own video or version of Gershwin’s Let’s call the whole thing off, for instance. This could be a lot more efficient than simply writing down words on the board and making them repeat till they get it right.

  • What are some of the drawbacks on having students as content creators?

I guess there are two points to be considered, and both of them just endorse the importance of a teacher in the validation process: 1) students might produce unsuitable content, and; 2) students might not feel quite confident to produce content on their own.

  • How feasible is it to integrate content creation into your classroom?

I always try to foster them to collaboratively engage in the content creation whenever possible. I usually get some positive responses out of that. The challenge here is to keep the same attitude towards the use of technology, which can both a free ticket or an obstacle to the acquisition of knowledge they pursue.



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